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NAF (Non-Appropriated Funds) describes federal employment that is available at US Air Force bases around the world. Although NAF positions are federal jobs, they differ from federal civil service positions, as NAF
employees are paid from self-generated funds by Air Force clubs, golf courses and other activities and locations where NAF employees work. If you are a military spouse, dependent child, veteran or other eligible candidate, how can you apply for NAF jobs?

NAF Preferences:

NAF offers preference to military spouses, veterans, family members (spouses or unmarried dependent children up to age 23), including off-duty military personnel, and transition hiring preference for servicemembers about to involuntarily separate from active duty. If you fall into any of these categories, you can apply using your preference over other candidates who do not qualify for priority during the hiring process.

What Kind of Work is Available?

NAF positions cover a range of professions including cook, food service worker, sales clerk, cashier, recreation aid, waiter/waitress, mechanic and much more. Some of the positions are entry level, thus requiring no prior experience, whereas other NAF openings require experience. Check to see if you qualify before you apply for a NAF job.

Where to Begin?

Start off by going to the homepage of the NAF website, by clicking here and then familiarizing yourself with the site until you feel comfortable with it. If you are serious about applying for a NAF job, you will need to set up an account by registering your personal details.

Where to Find Work?

The beauty of NAF jobs is that the jobs are available wherever you go, whether you are about to PCS to Belgium, Germany or to a stateside duty station. Use the drop-down menu to search for current NAF job openings at your current or future duty station and then follow the instructions when applying for work.

There are thousands of NAF job openings available at any given time at US Air Force bases around the world. Remember that if you qualify for NAF preferences, you will have priority over candidates who are not entitled to an employment preference.

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