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Parents are always looking for new ideas to keep their toddler busy. Toddlers love trying new things, therefore, toddler arts & crafts are a wonderful way to introduce new activities to your toddler. Toddler arts & crafts can even help exercise their fine motor skills. Here are just a few toddler arts & crafts ideas for your little one to enjoy.

Coloring- Crayons and coloring books can be very entertaining to a toddler. The wide array of color is very exciting to a toddler. When your toddler realizes that they have control over where the colors end up at they enjoy this activity even more. Coloring books are cheap and have lots of neat pictures for your toddler to scribble all over.

Finger Painting- Toddlers love to get messy and this arts & crafts activity can certainly accommodate. You will need to protect your crafts area before allowing your toddler to finger paint. You can use sheets of old newspapers, plastic sheeting or just an old bedsheet to protect the area. After the area is safely protected, lay down a big sheet of paper and place several nice sized dollops of finger paint on the paper. Stand back and watch your toddler produce art!

Water Colors - Toddlers, from my experience, love to paint! Therefore, water colors are a great idea for toddler arts & crafts. Water colors are also much easier to clean up than other craft paints. Even if water colors get spread all over your diningroom table, by your excited toddler, they will wipe right off with warm, soapy water. A big sheet of paper, a small cup of water, water colors and a paintbrush are all you will need to keep your toddler happily busy while you snap many photos of them.

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