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In our current auto accessories series we have arrived at another favorite modification for any gear head in the automotive industry. These auto accessories not only look good, but they make that sweet, sweet sound of horsepower. Yet for all the information out in the free world there are still misconceptions about exhaust systems.

Now you should know, and if you don't, then let me just tell you. A stock system sucks, it sucks big time. Ok moving on, I should really tell you why but do we really have to? Look your car manufacturer has to adhere to a lot of government base regulations. For example carbon dioxide levels, noise levels and I am sure there are other ones that I can't remember right now. They also have too make the customer happy, and give a quiet ride. With that being said it turns out to a very restrictive system that doesn't provide for maximum performance.

We will start back to front with the muffler. There are as many types of mufflers out in the world as there are tax laws in the United States. They all have their own strengths and weaknesses. So what about your stock muffler, what's wrong with it? How car manufacturers usually reduce noise levels on the exhaust is create chambers in the muffler in a Z pattern and causing the gases to slow down dramatically, causing a bottle neck, but what comes out is a nice, low soothing sound.

So what does a performance muffler do? It streamlines the exhaust allowing the gasses to shoot out the back faster. Sorry I couldn't resist. Basically all performance mufflers try to facilitate the exit of the gases from your engine. In return you have the louder and in my opinion beautiful sound of horsepower. New technologies have allowed for new aftermarket mufflers to have a lower sound to them with a better performing product.

Auto Accessories