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What is Bed Linen?

Whenever I am asked about bed linen, I am sure to be as detailed as ever. With enough information given so their choice of bed linen comes from a well-informed conscious decision. What is Bed linen varies in color, size, texture, and quality? Bed linen or beddings are called by different names throughout the world. For example, in Australia, bed linen goes by the name Manchester, in the US it's called bedding. Whichever it's called all must agree that a bedroom d├ęcor is not complete without the right Manchester or bedding. Rightfully, bed linen consists usually of sets, for example, a flat sheet, fitted sheet, blanket and or a quilt. Sometimes sheets set consist of pillowcases also called pillow shams.

History of Bed Linen?

For the most, the question of 'what is bed linen" can be answered quite simply, however, the clearest meaning will be, the covering of any bed top or mattress. The history of bed linen dates back to 3000 BC when the Kings of Egypt will raise their beds from the floor and decorate their bed top with rich, high-quality linen. The Roman Empire also used bed linen, their mattresses were stuffed with feathers and the top of the bed was decorated with different paintings, gold, silver, and bronze. Throughout the ages bed linen has evolved to what we have now, and they are used by everyone. Moreover, bed linens were first created with a center stitch on a rectangular fabric. Today, our linens come with hems, at the bottom and top.

Linens have revolutionized from being course and stiff to soft, plush and very exquisite. Bed linen generally comes in two styles- flat or fitted as mentioned earlier. The fitted sheet is used first when preparing a bed; it comes fitted with elastic and can only be used as a bottom "sheet'. The elastic on the four sides keep the fitted sheet in place and covers the entire mattress. The flat sheet, usually rectangular in shape is used over the fitted sheet; this bed linen is more beautifully crafted as it is the top sheet. Fitted sheets are popular more today than before because of the simplicity of using, more people prefer a sheet set with these important pieces incorporated.

Bed Linen Types:

Top / Flat sheets:
We have already discussed the top sheet and fitted sheet, these top sheets are slowly being introduced in the UK, where the duvet cover is used as the flat sheet.

A bedspread sewn together in a rectangular or square shape stuffed with layers for warmth. The comforter is used by most in North America as a second "top sheet'. The comforter comes in varying sizes, colors and is a decorative piece to beds.

Mostly a thin, light sheet that covers the entire bed and touches the floor. This decorative is made with polyester, wool, cotton or chenille.

Usually woven and can be seen mainly at the top of the pillow or the foot of the bed. As its name, the coverlet is used as the sheet that covers users during the night. This bed linen can be found in hotel rooms or little inns.

Blankets have their own personal use, some prefer to use it in place of a duvet, and others may use it as a comforter. However, the ways they are used, blankets are attractive and provide warmth on a rainy night. Made from wool, microfiber plush, cotton and sometimes a blend of fabric blankets are also the ideal choice for baby's cots.

Make no mistake with a duvet, a duvet may be similar to a comforter but unlike a comforter, a duvet has to be used with a duvet cover. The cover protects the duvet, it encloses the duvet with either buttons or zippers. Covers are very chic and well decorated. In the UK duvet cover is the 'top sheet' used the Americans are quickly catching up to the 'duvet' concept.

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