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A fashion accessory is an item that is either carried or worn and contributes to an individual's outfit. Perfumes, footwear, belts, watches and handbags, and other accessories are enlisted under this heading.

While some categories of fashion accessory are common to both men and women, most fashion accessories are quite specifically designed for one or the other. Women’s fashion accessories commonly include handbags and purses, belts, collars, gloves, hats and caps, phone and tablet cases, scarves, and sunglasses. It is an idiosyncrasy of the fashion industry that women’s watches are often considered a fashion accessory instead of a piece of jewellery and can easily be classified as either. Handbags and purses too, will often form their own classification as an item of travel goods rather than as a fashion accessory.

Men's fashion accessories can include belts and braces, caps and hats, gloves, scarves, ties, and wallets. Items such as tie pins and watches, whilst generally thought of as items of jewellery, can also be considered men's fashion accessories. Men’s accessories can also include somewhat arcane items of sporting or hobby paraphernalia, from cigar cutters to golf ball polishers.

Items such as footwear and jewellery, whilst strictly classifiable as fashion accessories, tend to fall into their own broader categories for both men and women, due to the sheer number of options involved.

Types Of Accessories For Men and Women

These are the types of different accessories that both men and women can use to coordinate their looks:
Belts: Belts are available in different materials, colours and width. If you feel that you have a thick waistline, use belts that match the colour of your outfit. Tall people should use wide belts.

Handbags: Make sure that your handbag goes with the shoes you are wearing, even though they do not necessarily have to be the same colour. If your shoes and bags have different colours or do not match, make sure that the colour of the shoes are lighter than the colour of the handbag you are carrying. You can also treat yourself to a beautiful designer handbag.

Scarves: You can wear a scarf to keep you warm or as a decorative item. Scarves have different designs as well as different colours, sizes and fabrics. Any scarf you wear will add colour to your face. You can wear scarves on the head, neck, waist, hat tie, shawl ties, overhang, side loop and others.

Eye wear: Eyeglasses, sunglasses or sunshade should coordinate your face. Wear eyeglass frames that are not wider than the area of your face that is widest. Eyeglasses should not be too decorative, but it should be able to fit your purpose and lifestyle. Sunglasses are used to prevent sun glares as well as fashion items.

Footwear: There are different styles of footwear for men and women. Make sure that the type of footwear you choose does not dominate your outfits. Women shoes should go with the colour of their skirts or trousers. You can wear any type of women shoe colour that is darker than the bottom part of your garment. Men should wear shoes that blend with their belt's colour.

Jewelry: Some pieces of jewellery are so expensive. You can choose jewellery that is a classic, as these do not go out of fashion. These are pieces of jewellery that you can use to accessorise your outfits: rings, chains, pearl necklaces, ID bracelets, loop earrings, circle earrings, watches and others. If you want to make a thick neck appear slender, wear a necklace or chain that is of medium length. To make a slender neck appear wider, wear round beads necklace. To make a thin, long face appear wide, wear earrings that are round.

Head Wear: Head wear is used to keep the head warm in cold weather and also worn to complete outfit. An example is a hat. Wear a hat that fits your head size and shape.These are some of the types of head wear that you can add to your wardrobe: straw hats, knit ski caps, baseball caps and sports visors.

Neckties: Neckties are made from different fabrics and they come in various designs. Some neckties are narrow, others wide and are used according to the current fashion style. Other people prefer bow ties.

Gloves: Gloves come in many styles and are used mostly to keep hands warm when it is cold. Vinyl or leather gloves are used when driving a vehicle. Some people wear gloves are fashion items.

Handkerchiefs: Using a handkerchief to peek out of your suit's pocket can improve your appearance depending on the occasion. Some fashion handkerchiefs have border designs, others are monogrammed.

Hosiery: There are different types of hosiery for men and women. Men should always wear dark coloured socks for their dress, white socks are to be worn for sports activities. Women hosiery should blend with the colour of their skin and shoes. If you want to wear low-heeled shoes, wear thick stockings. The lighter colour of hosiery adds size to your legs. Darker colours of hosiery make the legs appear slimmer. These are the types of hosiery: leg warmers, pant hose, stockings, socks, tights, leggings. To have a good fit, wear hosiery that is stretchy.

Fashion Accessories