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At first the furniture was temporary, crude and used out of doors. After about 1880, it began to be built for interior use, often copying the styles of sophisticated urban furniture designs. The essence of Adirondack rustic is its creativity, diversity, and quality.

Structural parts of rustic furniture were usually unpeeled cedar or yellow birch poles along with slab pine, sometimes salvaged from packing crates. Bark and split twigs, from a variety of trees and shrubs, were applied to each piece in striking patterns and colors. Unpeeled wood was collected in fall and winter and bark was stripped in early spring while the sap was running.

Woodcraft skills are essential to survival in the wilderness. Rustic makers employed them and a host of other skills to make their living as jacks-of-all-trades. Furniture-Comfort redefined! Faro is versatile and trendy, proving that you can have both style and substance at one low price. This model is loaded with options and there so many configurations available that you can easily custom fit your room no matter what size and shape it is.

Available options: Headrest, Comfort-Bultex with choice of foam density 43 (hard) or 37 (soft) kg per cubic meter, contrasting stitching, fabric or leather, choice of legs, 2 leg heights available, movable footstool with integrated table, sofa or corner sectional.

Living room furniture by ROM, Belgium. All ROM furniture is manufactured in the family-owned factory in Belgium, from the finest materials and under strict standards of quality, which defines European Craftsmanship. Nothing is outsourced and every set is crafted individually, with you – the customer in mind. Sofas, sofa beds, loveseats, chairs and tables come in variety of colors and offer a multitude of options: recliners, headrests, footrests and removable covers, Comfort-Bultex cushion filling (the same company that makes seat cushion fillings for Mercedes, BMW and Citroen), feather filling and many other options, modern European design and bold look make ROM furniture a winning choice for any home.

No office appears complete without a desk. Even a simple looking desk is better than no desk at all. You cannot use money as the excuse for not buying a good office desk. It is possible to find a simple but an elegant oak office desk. All you have to do is taking your time to find the best desk for your office. One of the reasons why you want to consider oak wood finish is that it is attractive. You want to consider it because it is durable as well. The solid oak in particular, has been in use for several years for a reason. Oak is the most applicable wood for making office furniture or even home furniture.

Different Types Of Furniture:

  • Sofas: Fabric and Leather.
  • Sectionals: Fabric and Leather.
  • Sleeper Sofas: Fabric and Leather.
  • Accent Chairs: Fabric and Leather.
  • Loveseats: Fabric and Leather.
  • Chairs-and-a-half.
  • Recliners: Fabric and Leather.
  • Swivels & Gliders: Fabric and Leather.

Advantages of Wood Furniture:

Strength and durability:
Wood furniture is extremely resilient and requires very little maintenance. Wood is a long-lasting natural material that can stand constant abuse, whether it's spills in the kitchen or scratches in the dining room. Solid wood furniture can last for generations with minimum care.

Ease of maintenance:
Wood furniture is nearly effortless to maintain. Simply wipe the surface of the wood chair parts with a wood cleaner on a regular basis. Do not allow water or dust to settle on your tables, chairs or armoires for extended periods.

A decor staple:
Adding a piece of wood furniture to a room will completely change its look and feel. Wood furniture offers elegance, charm and sophistication to any room.

Although you might pay more to begin with for a piece of solid wood furniture, wood is more valuable than other material used in furniture manufacturing. Wood’s natural grain guarantees that each piece of furniture is unique. The initial cost of wood furniture may be higher than lower end materials, but you will reap the benefits for years to come. Depending on your budget, you can select furniture that is manufactured using wood furniture parts in softwood such as pine, or you can opt for furniture that is manufactured using harder, more exotic woods.

The beauty of wood furniture is that it can be changed over time to give it a second, third or fourth life. By sanding and staining, or painting, you can refinish wood furniture and give it an entirely new look.