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Game Center Group is proud to introduce its new Knowledge Management services. From industry leading Knowledge Hosting services to custom content development, Game Center Group provides the stones to lay the path of innovative self-service. Liberate your customers from dreary navigation of unintuitive FAQs or outdated knowledge articles. Enhance the efficiency of your infrastructure by being able to spend less time answering repetitive questions and more time servicing customer needs.

We also offer the ability to customize our services based on the scope of your business. From an up-and-coming studio to a defined corporation, Game Center Group provides a cost-to-scale solution that can be tailored to your business model and most importantly your wallet.

It is a proven fact that you can get more sleep with Game Center Group. Not only are we here to service your needs around the clock - if your Japanese website is not correctly displaying its unicode at 3am, it is our headache, not yours. If your development cycle pushes an update that redefines a major game mechanic, let us worry about updating the knowledge content and posting the top issues so you do not have to.


Our Knowledge Management team has been built from the ground up with a solid foundation of individuals who are experts in the field. We offer a wide range of technical specification writers, gaming industry oriented content localization specialists, and professional knowledge management content engineers. Regardless of which portion of your knowledge base needs a helping hand, we are here to offer ours.

Advantage of Game Center:

  • Easy to use
  • MultiPlayer Support
  • Ability to integrate chat
  • Offline support
  • Cross Platform
  • Thousands of game players
  • Discovering friends how also play the same game
  • Wider feature list that are not very easy to implement
  • Saves Development time as well as cost
  • Unity has built in api for basic Game Center features
  • Important feature-Inbuilt Forums and Challenges

Game Center is an app released by Apple that allows users to play and challenge friends when playing online multiplayer social gaming network games. Games can now share multiplayer functionality between the Mac and iOS versions of the app.

This gaming zone has an exhilarating vibe that is absolutely infectious. Inside this gaming zone, there are different sections for a jungle safari, indoor cricket park, trampoline park, paintball, go-kart and more.

District 13 The Gaming Zone:
This gaming zone calls out to all the fans of Xbox and PS4 games. They have a good collection of games for both, along with other LAN and online games. Their seating arrangement is such that a group of 10-15 people can easily be accommodated together.

VR Unreal:
This gaming center is unlike any other gaming zone in India. It’s meant to give you an immersive virtual reality experience, so you enter a whole new universe in their gaming experience. This gaming center has multiple family-oriented virtual amusement facilities, so you can take all the elders and the little ones in your family together for a unique experience.

Timezone is the fun epicenter in Ghatkopar, Malad, and Thane. From arcade games and bowling to bumping cars and ice-air hockey, there is a lot to play there. For kids, they have separate sand zones, where your little ones can let their imagination run wild and create sand castles straight out of their dreams.

Infiniti Mall Malad Play Zone:
Just like all other malls, Infiniti Mall in Malad has shops, a buzzing food court and a movie theatre on the first two floors. What is different here is that their third floor is dedicated to gaming. It has dashing cars, joy rides, and some water games as well.

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