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Our wooden products consists of a few different categories with a variety of designs and sizes. Our line of indoor and outdoor products include planter boxes, fences, garden accents, furniture, commercial display products and accessories. Being very beautiful and naturally rot resistant, White Cedar wood products make great complimentary decor for both residential and commercial.

Although bamboo is classified as grass, they are as elegant and as hard as the most desirable woods. Bamboo is a rapidly renewable resource, and the stems can be harvested repeatedly from the same plant between 2-5 years. There are many different species of bamboo, several of which are used in buildings and outdoor structures. Our bamboo line of products include outdoor gardening, fencing, furniture, commercial display products, and bamboo building materials.

Bentwood material like the willow branches used in our willow garden products are very fast-growing and are individually collected by hand by craftspeople from a local forest or plantation. Willow sticks are rapidly renewable materials and harvested in a sustainable way from managed Willow plantations, as the craftsperson has an interest in maintaining their supply.

Additionally, in the spirit of recycling to conserve our natural resources we introduced our oak wood wine barrel series line. We recycled these wonderful premium French and American oak barrel staves into an elegant, one of a kind product line for both the indoors and outdoors, while still retaining the beautiful and fine taste of the aged winery in which it originated form.

Green and Ecology Sustainable:

We want to provide the beauty of wood incorporated into our line of products, we acquire our wood material from proven sources which are certified to practice responsible woodland management.

The bamboo's ability to grow on marginal and waste lands, rapid growth, low-cost extraction, low-cost processing, multi-functionality, makes them important for subsistence and income needs of rural communities. Rapidly renewable resources like bamboo can grow even on steep hills, bamboo check erosion and conserve soil, reduces carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere to help slow down global warming.

We recycle used oak wood wine barrels into a whole series of unique planters, furniture and other uses for home garden.

Trees are selectively harvested, with no clear cutting, and more trees are planted than we harvest. Trees and forest are the lungs of mother earth, providing crucial value to our future well being.

  • A hori hori (a knife meant to use in the garden, not at the dinner table).
  • A barrel to collect rain to water your garden with.
  • Plant labels to help you keep all your sprouts straight.
  • Durable gloves coated with finger-protecting Nitrile.
  • A simple spray bottle to help revive parched plants.
  • A Hula Hoe to make your knees *very* happy.
  • Fabric pots for gardeners who don't have the space for an *actual* flower (or vegetable) bed.
  • A pack of bamboo stakes that you'll end up using in about a dozen different ways.
  • A composter to transform your kitchen waste into soil-upgrading compost.
  • Liquid seaweed to help stimulate seedling and bud growth.
  • A tool that can C.L.A.W. (cultivate, loosen, aerate, and weed).
  • A folding saw to easily prune trees or bushes.
  • A soaker hose to help water reach the roots of the plants in your garden.
  • A book to teach you the art of companion planting.
  • A mattock for breaking up dense soil, cutting up roots, and more.
  • A pair of pruning shears that'll cut through stems and branches with ease.
  • Irish Spring soap to deter deer, rabbits, and other furry critters from tromping into your garden.
  • Plus hardware cloth to stop pests from digging their way into your plant beds.
  • A multipurpose tool that'll help you dig, weed, and trench.
  • A planter that'll do the watering for you (keeping roots moist for over four weeks).
  • Copper tape to keep pesky slugs and snails from slithering their way onto your precious plants.
  • 10-10-10 fertilizer to help out soil that just isn't getting the job done.
  • Or fertilizer that releases over a long period of time.

Garden Products