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From morning to night, you may use various tools- from spoon and knife to eat breakfast to keys to start your car or even a computer for work. Tools have been used by humans since ancient times to complete different, useful tasks.

Hand tools are useful for daily tasks. There are different types of tools which can be used for any kind of task to be performed. Some tools are versatile and some function specific.

In order to be happy with the results of your work with hand tools, you need to be aware of their construction, the way to properly sharpen them and the proper use of hand tools. Lack of knowledge or negligence may lead to mistakes that can cause injury.

When using hand tools, proper use and precision are much more important than speed of work. Based on the type of work that has to be done, a craftsman must be adept with his hands as well as choose the right kind of tools. He must know which the right tool for the job is, like where to use a spanner set. Otherwise, quality and efficiency will suffer.

Hand tools can be classified into following groups:

  • Laying out tools - marking and measuring tools
  • Striking or impact tools: sledges, mallets, and hammers
  • Fastening or twisting tools: screwdrivers, spanners and wrenches
  • Woodworking tools: Wood chisels, panes and wood saws
  • Metal cutting tools: Taps, Reamers, Punches, Files, and drills
  • Holding tools: vises, pliers, clamps
  • Safety equipment: Gloves and goggles
  • Sharpening and grinding tools
  • Abrasives and finishing tools
  • Accessory containers and tool storage.

Important Tools:

This tops the list of hand tools because of availability and usage. A hammer is made of a long wooden stick, attached to a block of metal. It is round on one side, while edgy on the other and features a cut in the middle. A hammer is truly versatile, whether you wish to nail something or break something; for opening a tin or plucking a nail from a wall. It is easy to use as the weight of metal block above wooden piece raises the force while hitting the object via the hammer. It is a tool meant for hitting things like driving nails, breaking objects and forging metal.

They are used to adjust levels of tightness and when selected properly, can prove highly useful, since they not only come in various shapes but can also be altered as per the size of the bolt.

This is a commonly used woodworking tool, which has a wooden handle with a pointed metal end. The aim of this tool is to make it easy for screws to get inserted into the wood.

Centre Punch:
It is a tool typically made of metal which was designed to help a carpenter to drill holes. They come in various sizes. Each size corresponds to the size of a drill bit.

They are used to remove material from plastics, wood or metal. In some cases, the material is removed for creating a smooth edge. Sometimes it is used to create a new shape or profile.

Cold chisel:
These are used for shaping, removing or cutting cold metals that are softer than the chisel-like wrought or cast iron, copper, brass or aluminium.

It is a fastening device which is used to secure or hold objects together in a tight manner to prevent separation or movement via the inward application.

Tin snips:
They are used to cut thin metal sheets into different shapes. Being a metal work tool, this tool basically functions as a tough set of scissors.

Hand Tools