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The consumer electronics and durables industry has forwarded several proposals to the Government of India to ensure the industry records a good growth and consumer spending is assured for products that have high aspirational value.

A number of hardware manufacturing companies are exploring the possibilities of creating dependable domestic manufacturing base for finished goods and various essential components in order to cater to the needs of the industries such as consumer durables, IT hardware as well as telecommunication.

I expect the government to propose incentive measures for Budget 2008-09 in the form of reduced taxes on inputs and cheaper credit facilities for purchase of consumer durables. The government also needs to take measures to correct the inverted duty structure resulting from earlier tax proposals and from FTAs and RTAs. Such measures and incentives would definitely help the industry to grow further.

Industry growth, as predicted by FICCI, is an assured 12 percent – and this is likely to continue taking into account the leap taken by several big players; January 2008 recorded high sales growth for the industry. Add to this a cut in customs duty and the manufacturing competitiveness of this industry will be enhanced.

Another aspect to note is the thin line between IT hardware and consumer electronics. There have been consistent protests against the discrimination shown by the government for consumer electronic items compared to IT hardware. Traditionally, liberal incentive measures in Union budgets have been dedicated to IT hardware, resulting in negligence of CE and durables. But times are a changing and government is gradually responding to the respective demands of the industry, and it is expected that both the sectors would get enough space to grow simultaneously.

The government is keen to expand computer literacy programmes for school-going students and the mass at large; therefore it is expected that Budget 08 would provide for easy availability of cheaper PCs for this consumer segment.

Consumption, as I see it, will continue at the same pace and with the requisite cut on indirect taxes on consumer goods, higher spend is guaranteed.

With a growing GDP of 9.6 per cent, growing economic fundamentals, increased economic activity in the rural areas with hitherto untapped vast market potentials and increased demand for consumer goods, consumer preferences for higher-end products in the urban areas, the prospects of consumer durable industries are brighter in 2008 compared to 2007.

Alongside eco-friendly homes, even products and home appliances are chosen for a greener earth. Designer Giugiaro designed for Indesit Prime Range a range of extremely eco friendly built-in and free-standing appliances with pretty neat looks and advanced technical characteristics with the hopes to reduce consumption of resources but also giving great performance. First are the Prime fridges , a new class 'A+' models with 35 litres more capacity than normal ones. It will also an All-OK function provides optimum control of the state of food preservation in the fridge. The range's dishwashers guarantee washing with water and energy consumption very low. The washing machines consume use lesser than 10 per cent energy than class 'A+' products and have a special Smart function that reduces washing time by up to 33 per cent. The stainless steel gas features a special double crown burner for good flexibility while cooking.

The Importance Of Home Appliance In Daily Life:
Industrialization and Development in Home Appliances:
Industrialization has ushered in dramatic as well as uneven transformation in world society. It has altered the technological pattern and work processes of the preindustrial ways of life. This socio-technological revolution has changed the domestic ways and means of dealing with food provision, clothing, cleaning, and medical care.

Kitchen Appliances:
The happiness, delight, and peace of a family is generated in the kitchen and reflected in the dining room and in the whole domestic atmosphere. Women are the torch bearers of domestic peace. Kitchen appliances play a major role in enhancing the efficiency of a woman in fulfilling her household mission and thereby in making her life and that of all the members of the family happy and comfortable. There are even so many items that fall into the category of kitchen appliances of a modern family. Starting from the stove to a dishwasher all can be considered as kitchen appliances. The market of the kitchen and home appliances is ranked among the forerunners in industry annals. The variety of such appliances can also astound many. There are appliances suited for multiple needs. Laundry machines and dishwashers, vacuum cleaners etc have taken out a lot of physical strain from a homemaker. Not only do these appliances perform terrific jobs of cooking and cleaning, but we can also buy them in complete packages to match the style of our kitchen. In this age where time is money, we cannot fuss around our kitchen and home performing daily chores throughout the day. This is where these ubiquitous creations come in hand along with the appliance repair that has made our lives infinitely easier than that of our ancestors.

With busy daily schedules, it becomes difficult to maintain everything, and there comes the need for expertise in appliance repair. There are many experts available in the market who are well informed and helps you in understanding the issue more properly.

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