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Clutter happens. Things have a way of piling up on our desks, bathroom vanity tops and kitchen counters. If we could declutter the surfaces with one fell swoop, we would, but we need those clutter-causing things. When you look at the things from a different perspective, the key to getting organized may be right in front of you. Repurpose and recycle some of those household items so you can declutter and get organized for free.

Recycle an old over-the-door shoe holder (the type with pouches) by placing it on the back of the bathroom door to hold various toiletry and hair care items.

Recycle old coffee cups by placing them on top of the bathroom vanity to hold makeup brushes, Q-Tips and other small items.

An old night stand or end table can be put to good use in the bathroom by being recycled into a place to store bathroom paper products and cleaning supplies. Any small piece of recycled furniture placed in the bathroom will give you more storage room and surface space.

A 3-tiered wire hanging basket, the type usually used to hold fruit and vegetables in the kitchen, can be recycled for use in the bathroom. Suspend it from the ceiling and store curling irons, blow dryers and hair brushes in it for easy access and a decluttered vanity top.

Any type of baskets or plastic containers can be recycled as organizers for small bathroom products to declutter your vanity top and/or organize bathroom drawers.

Those hair scrunchies that clutter the vanity tops are perfect to recycle as a means of holding together the ends of rolls of wrapping paper, art paper or poster board.

Recycle, Declutter And Get Organized Around The House

An old waste basket can be recycled into an umbrella holder near the entrance way of your home. A tall waste basket makes a nice storage location for rolls of wrapping paper.

In the United States each year, common household products poison millions of children. We hear stories on the local news, in our local newspaper, from the doctor our child visits, and other people, yet the issue is still occurring. It is time that we stepped up to the plate as parents and do what we have to do in order to ensure the safety of our children. Safety should start in the home. One of the first things that a Pediatrician will tell a parent when a child is born is to be sure to lock up, or put up chemicals in the home to avoid accidental poisonings. Why, is it then that many children still suffer from poisonings in their homes? It probably has a lot to do with the fact that many parents may not know just how potent a certain item may be. It could be that they were not properly informed. In this article, I will be reviewing common household items that can pose a danger to your children.

If you visit your bathroom and look around closely, you will see many items that have the potential to poison your children. It is important that you keep medicines of all kinds out of the reach of your children. This includes over the counter medication, children's medication, vitamins, lotions, prescriptions, and medicated patches. Any chemicals that you use to clean the bathroom pose a poison hazard to children too. This could include items like air fragrance, mold removal products, items to clean and deodorize drains, and even the brush that you use to clean the toilet.

Kitchen items can be a poison to children too. These items include a wide variety of cleaning supplies. Dish soap, spray cleaners, over cleaner, and other items have the potential to make your child deathly ill. We have a container that we keep in our kitchen cabinet that holds the sponge that we use to wash dishes, the drain plug, and the dish soap. This is a good practice for parents who have small children in the home. Another thing that we do after we wash dishes is to wash the dish drainer, dry it, and put it away. If water stands on the bottom of a dish drainer, it has the potential to grow bacteria and mold that can endanger the health of everyone in the home.

Recycle a couple old coffee mugs on your desk to hold pens and other small office supply items.

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