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Every woman wants to look slim, but if you are fat and short in height then in that case you required a perfect ladies clothing style which hides the entire problem related to your body shape. All the women who are short and fat just have to change their clothing style to look smarter. Main motive of all the fat and short women is to look slim and much larger then what they are actually looking and to do this sometimes women have adopt that types of styles which do not suit them.

The common fault generally performed by the women is that they use different types of clothes in wrong way such as women generally wear jackets and belts in wrong extent. Also fat women should also avoid wearing extra clothes around their belly area as it made them looker fatter. Also women with shorter height should also avoid long and larger skirts as they made you look shorter. Only wear skirts which are straight and goes down to your ankle. You can also try straight pants which cover your boots and avoid larger clothes then you size.

Checks and vertical lining in your clothes make you look some longer, but don't wear those clothes which have multiple vertical lining. One or two lines in a clothe is enough to look good. Also don't wear more tight clothes to look slimmer as they make you look ugly.

Ladies country clothing has seen a growth in popularity in recent years. What was once only associated with the gentry or country set has successfully made the crossover into mainstream fashion.

Although you can still buy your country attire from specialist clothing retailers, many high street fashion outlets now stock country clothing items. Designers are inspired by the classic timelessness of the outdoor sporting look and this has been translated into many of the garments available for purchase nowadays.

Country dress allows the wearer to look and feel good while at the same time it helps to keep the elements at bay. Several styles are now seen to be must-have items for any woman's wardrobe and with recent developments into the conventional marketplace, you only need to pay high street prices.

Women who love outdoor pursuits such as hiking, camping, fishing or shooting all need apparel to keep them warm and dry. Perhaps the most important purchase to start with would be a coat. Whether you opt for a heavy waxed jacket with a waterproof coating and fleece lining or a light shower-proof mackintosh, you can find the ideal garment whatever the weather conditions.

You can buy coats with removable fur trims and hoods, made from breathable materials. Some come with a plethora of pockets to store your essential items whilst keeping them dry.

Shooting jackets usually come with elasticated storm cuffs, which will keep the wind out. These over-garments are made in a vast array of up-to-the-minute colours, and poly-cotton linings add an element of comfort and style.

If you are looking for a pair of trousers to add to your ladies country clothing range, you could go for a traditional pair of breeches or jodhpurs. These are comfortable, warm and perfect garb for a chilly day. Made of durable materials, they are lightweight and easy to wear.

Should you want to vary your look why not team up a woollen sweater with a gilet? These sleeveless, often quilted garments are not restricted by the season as they vary in thickness and so can be worn all year round.

A wardrobe staple is definitely the fleece, especially when worn as one of several layers. It is very practical and fashionable, and can be purchased in a large variety of colours and styles. Some zip up the front while others slip over the head. Whether you purchase one made from wool or synthetic fibres, they offer the female wearer functionality and comfort.

Any lady who loves her country clothes will need to ensure she accessorises appropriately too. Thick socks are a must in cold weather and a pair of leather gloves and a woolly hat will finish off any winter look.

It is also worth considering what you wear on your feet. Expect to pay more for a decent pair of wool lined walking boots but feel reassured that they have been manufactured to high standards and will last the distance.

If you cannot see what you want in your local clothes store, you will find many sites online that also specialise in country attire, stocking a huge variety of items such as hats, scarves, shoes, coats and jumpers. They are easy to find, convenient and you can often pick up a bargain if you take some time to shop around.

Gone are the days of deerstalker hats and green waxed jackets being confined to those attending a shooting party. Ladies country clothing is now designed to be worn daily, to be durable and to meet the needs of the fashion conscious woman.

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