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Around the country, there seems to be clothing closets that collect work clothing for women down on their luck. Through these closets, women can get clothing for a job interview or even for that job, making possibilities come true.

Sometimes it is harder to find a place to donate mens' suits. Profressional Organizer Britt Morris of a Tidy Solution gave me the heads up about a great drive going on by Mens Warehouse.

"I was inspired because I donate many items to "Dress for Success" but the donation options for Men's Apparel are limited to local charities rather than the mission described on the Men's Warehouse site ," Morris explained. "Please help spread the word about M. W. suit drive."

For many unemployed men, a new suit is the first step toward a second chance, says the Mens' Warehouse website.

How it works:

Take your suits, sport coats, slacks, ties and belts to Men's Warehouse store during October. They'll give you a 10 percent coupon as a thank you. They will also contribute a new dress shirt for every suit received.

That's an awesome way to get organized and clear the clutter from the closet this fall. It's green. It's good for the community. And, you know you don't need ALL THAT STUFF anyway!

Clothing helps us shape our personality, that explains why most people give more attention to their clothing than anything else. Men don't have too much option to impress others with the dresses they wear. Most men now have realized that attractive look is important both for their self esteem and for their networking. The one of the most adequate part of men's clothing sense is the precise color, design and the pattern you are wearing with the other dresses. If you are looking to choose from tons of colors it could be a bit overwhelming so always make sure with the dressing pattern that suites your overall attire.

A cotton blend shirt, T-shirt, Sport jacket , Men suits, outwear or jumper can really give you an outstanding and incredible look if it matches with your outfits and bottom wear. You can tell your dear ones about what will make him look better by gifting them on an occasion like gifts for men with style. If you don't want to make your men feel down it could be a better option with the watches, stylish cell phones, skin care cream or even sun glasses. A beautiful jacket and beautiful accessories with the mere plain blended shirt and trousers can give you an outstanding and stunning look.

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So get ready to enter the glamorous world of men's clothings.

For men, traditional clothes are the kurta. In south India men wear long, white sheets of cloth. In north Indian languages like Hindi, Marathi and Oriya these are called dhoti, while in Tamil they are called veshti. Over the dhoti, men wear shirts, t-shirts, or anything else.

The bridal party in Indian cultures is often dressed more formally than guests. Although some men are choosing to wear a more traditional "western" three piece suit, they often save this for a reception. Just as the bride' Indian Wedding Dress is unique and special, so too should be the groom's attire.

A Sherwani is a long coat-like jacket fastened with buttons. It comes to just below the knees, hitting somewhere high on the calf. The jacket has a Nehru collar, which is a collar that stands up.

This jacket is often cream, light ivory, or gold colored for weddings, especially those in the morning. It can be embroidered with gold or silver. While traditionally light in color, the jackets can be worn in dark colors, like reds, blacks, or navy, typically later in the day. A scarf is sometimes added to the jacket over one or both shoulders.

The Sherwani is worn with tighter fitting pants or trousers called churidars. Churidars are trousers that are loose around the hips and thighs, but are tight and gathered around the ankle.

Many aspects of Western fashion have become common among Indian men, particularly in the professional community. Horizontal stripes and plaids are common on casual business shirts, particularly among Indians in North America. Owing to growth of women empowerment and influence of western culture, nowadays most of the teen and adult girls in cities wear low hip jeans, low neck tops, tight jean trousers with salwar, half trousers, sleeveless T shirts etc. Women who hail from rural villages usually wear frocks and half sarees; boys normally wear a shirt and pants, whether formally or casually.

The most accepted formal dressing for couples in formal occasions like parties and weddings is saree for the ladies and formal pants and shirts with suits in the winter for the men. While one is utterly ethnic and Indian the latter is very western and out of India.

The Indian women have however modernized and working women find Western Wear like shirts and trousers a comfortable dressing option to work. With entry of international fashion brands like FCUK, DKNY, Guess and many more, Indian women are increasingly becoming fashionable (in terms of Western standards). Among the league of high fashion international brands, domestic brands like Globus, BlackBerry's, Allen Solly, Park Avenue and Van Heusen, have also gained popularity. India has a lot of well known popular fashion designers like Ritu Kumar, Suneet Varma, Sabyasachi

Mens Clothing