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The Seacret Nail Care Collection is an inexpensive collection of goodies that will give you beautiful nails at home. Everyone who uses it is amazed at how great their nails look, and it's such an easy process that almost anyone can do it. For less than $30, you can have movie star nails, without ever visiting a nail salon again.

I heard about Seacret when one of my friends received it as a Christmas present. She couldn't stop raving about how much she loved it. I run a fashion blog, and I recommended that my readers buy this if they were shopping for a birthday gift. This recommendation was solely because of her praise for Seacret, because I had never tried their products. Because I want to let companies know when they are doing a good job, I filled out an online form on their website that told them how much I liked it. There was no response, but I figured that the message got to the right department.

One evening, I came home after a blizzard. My nerves were shot because of the drive, and I was ready to relax the rest of the evening. So I was very surprised when I opened my front door and saw a package. I knew I hadn't ordered anything. I turned over the box and noticed who it was from. Seacret had sent me not one, but two of their collections for Nail Care in different scents. I immediately dashed off a thank you note to them, and tried it out.

It comes with a file, buffing block, cuticle oil, and some scented lotion. The scents are divine, and despite never caring for cucumber melon scented products, I found that theirs was incredible. I filed my nails, and then used the instructions on the buffing block. It's very simple. There are 4 sides. You move around the block, and as you do, it files and buffs the surface so that they resemble a glass finish when you are done. Then, just apply some cuticle oil and lotion, and you have incredible looking nails.

There are different types of Manicure:
Hot Oil Manicure:
Arguably the most luxurious and relaxing of them all, the hot oil manicure is the best favour one can do to ones’ dry hands. The best feature of this manicure is clearly soaking the fingers in heated natural oils.

Spa Manicure:
A spa manicure is a lot more than just a regular manicure which explains why it is a hit with the millennials.

Soak-off Gel Manicure:
Soak-off manicures involve painting on the soak-off gel polish, which means each layer is cured with the UV light before adding another layer.

Paraffin Wax Manicure:
This one is popular with the millennials as it is a sure-fire stress buster. The paraffin wax manicure needs you to soak your hands (palm, up to the wrist) in lukewarm liquid wax for a while and then wrap them in fresh towels.

Brazillian Manicure:
The Brazillian manicure is focused on the cuticles and thus it includes removal of the cuticle to expose the nail bed. This is done using a special Brazilian clipper. The polish is not just applied onto the nail, but also on the surrounding skin to make sure the edges are covered. The excess is later wiped off.

Shellac Manicure:
As millennials are lazy AF, shellac manicures are their go-to option if they want to give their nails a little extra something something without having to keep touching up any chips or breaks. A combination of both gel and normal nail polish, shellac is known for its durability and the way it reduces the possibility of chipping. If you’re someone that doesn’t like to go too crazy with their nails, a shellac manicure is definitely for you.

3D Manicure:
If you’re just way ahead of the game and feel that shellac, Brazilian and French manicures are a thing of the past for you; you have the 3D manicure to take your nail game to the next level.

Acrylic Manicure:
Calling all perfectionists! This is the perfect manicure for you. Composed of liquid monomer and powder polymer, acrylic nails work by forming a hard layer over your own nails. It basically acts as a base for your actual nail polish, ensuring that it is applied as smoothly as possible.

Basic Manicure:
For all you lazy-ass, fuss free girls out there, a basic manicure is the way to go. All you receive is a standard nail makeover – your nails are filed, shaped, your cuticles are cleaned, you get a quick hand massage, and lastly you get your nails painted with the colour of your choice.

Hot Stone Manicure:
f you've been typing furiously at your computer for the past week or have been playing way too much sport lately, a hot stone manicure will relieve you of all of your hand troubles. In addition to your basic manicure, you receive a massage that involves using hot stones to provide you with a multitude of benefits.

Mirror Manicure:
For those millennials that find that a metallic nail polish does not express their inner bling well enough, a mirror manicure is what they tend to go for. It involves applying some black nail polish as a base onto the nails, placing a clear top coat over this, and then adding some mirror powder, which is basically a powder to help you achieve a chrome-y reflective look.

Reverse French Manicure:
For millennials that are always looking to try something new, the reverse French manicure is a great option. So, if you ARE feeling extra funky today, why not try this out? After your nails receive a trim, file and your cuticles are dealt with, a reverse French manicure involves placing a lighter colour onto the entire base of your nails, and then repainting it with a darker colour, thus leaving the part that is closes to the cuticle free of this dark shade.

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