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Have you been thinking about installing one or more additional computers in your home or office but don't know how to link everything together? If so, we can help. With a vast knowledge of computer networking, we can connect as many computers as you like to one system so they can interact as one unit. This lets multiple users work on documents, files, pictures and so that are stored in a central computer.Networking computers also allows users to share files and gives you the ability to access files that may be stored on another computer. Having a properly setup network eliminates bouncing between workstations making it easier to work or play.

Unified Network Services is an IT company offering products and support in Telecommunications, Networking, Information Technology and Business Software. Serving small to medium sized business, we offer a start-to-finish solution behind computing and communication technologies, whether it involves integrating current systems or design and development of new ones. We bring the expertise that allows your business to operate smoothly and effectively.

As a small to medium business (SMB) owner or manager, your primary objective is to grow your business. You don't have the time, resources or technical expertise to analyze, design, or maintain your specialized data, communication networks and IT-related systems. Unified Network Services is there to take these worries and hassles off your mind, permanently.

With the rapid rate of technological change in these fields, UNS is able to guide you through the maze of technologies available today. Our networks and systems are designed with your specific needs in mind, to evolve with your business as you grow and expand locally or geographically. Through our systematic Business-Needs Analysis, we will design a complete scheme that will meet your businesses specific data, IT and communications requirements. This analysis is performed on your current systems with your future needs in mind, detailing cost-effective solutions tailored to fit your requirements. This analysis is performed absolutely free of charge and without obligation.

UNS takes the following design criteria into account when performing a Business-Needs Analysis:

  • User needs and preferences
  • Data and network security requirements
  • Existing hardware/software compatibility
  • Budget constraints
  • Web/Email requirements
  • Existing hardware/software compatibility
  • Information flow and database usage
  • Customized software
  • Long-term data storage and back-up requirements
  • Telephony
  • Voice over IP (VOIP)
  • Wireless
  • Mobile/remote computing
  • Future expansion

What Are the Advantages of Computer Networking?
1. People can share information freely:
Computer networking allows individuals and businesses to share information freely with one another. This information can be in several different formats. From files to emails, or blog posts to instant messaging, this process saves people time and monetary resources in the passing of information. Imagine the difference of sending a letter through a postal service to sending the same letter through email and that is the advantage a computer network provides.

2. It allows for frequent collaboration:
Computer networks allow multiple people to be logged into the same platform at once. They may be in several different locations around the world, but each person can log into their profile and access documents or files, at their convenience, to work on them. The modern computer network allows for global collaboration for teams of any size.

3. The cost of joining a computer network is going down:
In 1984, the cost of a Tandy 1000 was $1,200. This was one of the first PC clone computers that was intended to be a cost-effective solution for home computing and word processing. Although it did not have internet access, it did allow for computer networks to form. In 2017, the price of a Chromebook is less than $200 and does allow internet access and traditional computer networks.

4. Computer networking data can be stored off-line:
With the numerous threats to computer systems, the internet, and technology structures, there is a need to store information off-line to protect it from those who want it. Computer networks can be connected through the internet, via a virtual private network, or kept completely off-line to protect the system. The data collected, even if it is gathered online, can be stored off-line to protect it as well.

5. Anyone can connect to a computer network:
There is a minimal skill set required to connect to a modern computer network. If you know how to turn a computer on and then click on the appropriate prompts or shortcuts, then it is possible to join a computer network. The simplicity of joining makes it possible for even young children to begin taking advantage of the information access that computers provide.

6. Computer connections can be personalized:
The modern computer network isn’t an all-or-nothing system. Access authority can be included with a network so that individuals can access the specific information they need, but don’t need to sort through information they don’t need. This can enhance employer security, reduce the chances of fraud, while still providing tools that lead to increased productivity.

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