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What's in your backpack or desk? Have you considered setting up your home office, child's study space or their desk as school with environmentally friendly "school supply" choices? There are many to choose, from pencils to lunchboxes and everything in between.

Green is good write?

Every office, study space and school child needs a steady supply of #2 pencils. Paper Mate Earthwrite recycled pencils are made from 100% recycled materials from the lead tip down to the eraser. Just think of all the trees saved.

Turn your red, black and blue green. Instead of regular pens, use Paper Mate Biodegradable Retractable Medium Point Ballpoint Pens which are available in 4 Colored inks; and most of the parts of these pens are biodegradeable when disposed of.

I have journals everywhere, in my purse, car, desk and nightstand. My husband has them in his desk and my daughters need several for school. That's a whole lot of paper! Oh pooh! What can we do? You can use recycled notebooks and journals or even, those made by Elephant Poo; a paper supplier that offers odor free journals made from pulped and processed dung.

Did you know that using recycled paper made from post-consumer waste prevents used paper from going into the landfill? When purchasing loose leaf paper for the classroom or office, look for those paper products with higher recycled content. Encourage your children and even your employees to use all the paper front and back of the pages when drawing, writing, copying or printing.

Color me green!

Got kids? Then you have to have crayons and my daughter's school supply list actually requested three boxes of crayons. Soy isn't just for milk and candles. Try choosing soy crayons. They are made from soy bean oil and are non-toxic.

Glue it green!

You have to cut it before you glue it. Kleen Earth scissors have black handles that are made from recycled plastic. Scissors can even be sharpened and used over and over again, meaning less waste.

Office supplies is the generic term that refers to all supplies regularly used in offices by businesses and other organizations, from private citizens to governments, who work with the collection, refinement, and output of information (colloquially referred to as "paper work").
Inside a stationery supplier in Hanoi.
Box of file folders.

The term includes small, expendable, daily use items such as paper clips, post-it notes, staples, hole punches, binders and laminators, writing utensils and paper, but also encompasses higher-cost equipment like computers, printers, fax machines, photocopiers and cash registers, as well as office furniture such as cubicles, filing cabinet, and armoire desks. Two very common medium-to-high-cost office equipment items before the advent of suitably priced word processing machines and PCs in the 1970s and 1980s were typewriters and adding machines.

Many businesses in the office supply industry have recently expanded into related markets for businesses like copy centers, which facilitate the creation and printing of business collateral such as business cards and stationery, plus printing and binding of high quality, high volume business and engineering documents. Some businesses also provide services for shipping, including packaging and bulk mailing. In addition, many retail chains sell related supplies beyond businesses and regularly market their stores as a center for school supplies with August and early September being a major retail period for Back to school sales.

The office supply industry was estimated to be worth US$ 225 billion in 1999 and is still growing.

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