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I've moved a lot since I graduated from college - Pennsylvania, Wisconsin (twice), Minnesota, Colorado, and most recently Illinois. Every time I've packed up my belongings, I've had to do it on the cheap. No truck rentals, no moving companies, and no $50 trips to the UPS store for packing supplies like boxes and bubble wrap. Even if you don't reduce yourself to one carload of belongings the way that I do, you can save a little extra on moving costs by prudently gathering free or cheap packing supplies. Follow some of these tips, and you may scrimp enough to treat yourself to a goodie in your new location!

Free or Cheap Packing Supplies for Moving: BOXES

Don't pay for boxes. If you're resourceful, you can find plenty of free boxes that are just as sturdy as anything you'd buy at packing supplies store. If you were to buy just five "large boxes" and five "medium boxes" from the U-Haul store, you'd already be paying almost $25. Instead, check with local stores to see if they'll give you spare boxes. I've done this every time I've moved, and I always get what I need. Grocery stores and liquor stores are two of the best places to check, just because they go through tons of boxes and the boxes are generally sturdy. You can also try appliance stores (after all, they're called "big box" retailers for a reason). Not every store will give away free boxes, but many will. If you're out running errands anyway, why not ask? While you're at it, check with friends who work in office settings, as copy paper boxes and file boxes typically have handles - delightful for easy moving.

Free or Cheap Packing Supplies for Moving: FILLERS

Don't buy bubble wrap or packing peanuts, even for delicate items. As much fun as these two fillers can be, here are plenty of things you already have lying around your half-packed apartment/house that you can use instead:

The main packaging supplies include envelopes to ship documents, bubble packaging to ship fragile items, shrink packaging and mailing tubes to ship elongated items.

Other boxes like cartons, apparel boxes, and clear lid boxes also form a part of the requirement. All of them are used depending on the nature of the shipment and it is usually the larger boxes that are most commonly used for shipping items of electronic nature and other large sized items. The apparel boxes and clear lid ones have very specific uses and cannot be clubbed together with other general use boxes

Documents need to be shipped by all businesses and they need to arrive in fine shape. Envelopes which are quite strong and do not tear easily due to the extra cushion and padding provided are usually used for shipping such documents. They ensure that these documents do not bend and are received without wrinkles.

In terms of great utility, bags are second to none and different types like doorknob bags, glitter bags and poly bags are frequently preferred by businesses.

It is not enough to have good packaging supplies if you cannot secure them properly and in this regard, the packaging tape is a very critical item. Customers can choose from duct tape, filament tape and black strapping ones. Again each has its own utility and also come with individual dispensers for refill purposes when required.

Different industries like the electronic, entertainment and consumer durable industries make use of the various products like bottles, capsules and containers made by the packaging machines that roll out such products.

Tapes, films and other adhesive material also make for wonderful packaging supplies and prevent corrosion and damage in the short term and in the long term.

Yet another type of packaging supplies is the role played by special adhesives used in the manufacture of circuit boards and in the semi conductor industry. Encapsulants are another kind of specially made resins finding applications in the electrical industry.

Packaging Supplies