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Info at Touch produces custom paper tubes for many industries and applications. Our customers use our custom paper tubes in the most recognizable form of mailing and shipping tubes for steel, aluminum, tooling, wood moldings, fishing rods, art work, vehicle parts, machine and printing dies, etc. Other uses of our custom paper tubes include spacers, paint maskers, protection sleeves, packaging tubes, display tubes, furniture forms, candle molds, pallet support tubes, speaker port tubes, medical mouth pieces, voids, cremation rollers, reels, storage tubes, blast casings, etc. Info at Touch customizes for your world by offering in-line printing, high gloss colored outer wraps, colored parchments, custom PMS colored papers, custom printed papers, VCI papers, notching, slitting, embossing, punching, and many other secondary processes.

Generally speaking, if it's a tube, we can make it to your specifications, with no minimum, and ship it in 48 hours, guaranteed. All of our custom paper tubes are made with 100% recycled paperboard, manufactured to our specifications, from the best-in-class mills in North America. We hold all of our raw material suppliers to strict tolerances in order to produce a high quality consistent product for our customers on time, every time. Challenge us and see why over 15,000 customers depend on Info at Touch for cost effective custom made paper tubes.

Jonesville Paper Tube Corporation manufactures 100% recyclable paper tubing for many different industries and applications. We can make custom paper tube products that fit your needs exactly. Look no farther for custom retail packaging from conception to completion. With our wide range of skills and equipment, not only can we make quality paper tubes, we can design, produce, print and label your custom paper tube in a variety of different colors and styles. The opportunities for using paper tubes are endless. Take a look at the "1000s of uses for paper tubes" page to see how others have used our capabilities to employ high quality, cost effective paper tubing solutions at their business. Save up to 50% by using paper tubes instead of plastic!

Paper Tubes