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if you are planning to throw a birthday party, baby shower, or spring party in a ladybug theme, then of course you will need decorations. Ladybug party decorations can include balloons, banners, and centerpieces. Some of the decorations are bright and colorful, while others come in the traditional ladybug red and black polka dotted design. Regardless of the design and colors, the decorations will fit your ladybug themed party nicely.

Ladybug party decorations can be found in stores that sell party decorations and supplies. When you go shopping for your party, be sure to check out stores such as Amazon, Party City, Target, and Wal-Mart. You can go to the store itself to check out the decorations or shop for what you need online. The stores may vary in the decorations and prices they offer, but this will give you a nice selection to choose from between the stores.

To help you out with your party shopping, here are a few ladybug party decorations to choose from on the site Amazon. You may find similar or exact decorations in other stores as well.

Ladybugs: Oh So Sweet Centerpiece Party Supplies.
The top of this centerpiece is pink with an adorable smiling ladybug on it. Above the ladybug is the phrase "Ladybug, Ladybug oh so sweet". The bottom of the centerpiece is green with flowers and little colorful ladybugs on it.

Ladybugs: Oh So Sweet Centerpiece Supplies on Amazon.

Ladybug Polka Dots Birthday Party Supplies Balloon Decorations Set Latex and Foil.
This set comes with three Mylar balloons and ten latex balloons. Five of the latex balloons are black with white polka dots and the other five are red with black polka dots. One of the Mylar balloons is in the shape of a red and black ladybug. The other two Mylar balloons are colorful and decorated with a ladybug, butterfly, and a bee. In the center of those two Mylar balloons is the phrase "Happy Birthday" in purple letters.

For that party on the beach there are 10 essential items you must have.

Sunscreen with a minimum of SPF 30. Try to find a brand that states it is water proof. We know it is not but it will stay on longer than those that do not make this claim. If you don't have sunscreen do not go to the beach, that is how important sunscreen is.

Liquids I can not stress the importance of bringing plenty of liquids to drink. Preferably water or unsweetened juices.

Food The surf, sun and sand will deplete your system in no time what so ever so bring along easy to eat finger food and fruits, nuts or snack bars.

Ice Chest Your drinks and food need to stay cold so be sure you have an easy to transport cooler.

My favorite ice chest for a day on the beach is the Igloo® Ice Cube Marine Wheeled Cooler - 60-Quart It is the perfect size for approximately 4 people, It has a 90 can capacity and it will also hold 2-liter bottles upright. It has a storage compartment in the lid which is handy for smaller items. 90 cans is way to many for 1 day so if you take 30 or 40 you have plenty of room for food. This Igloo has a built in telescoping handle and wheels that travel through the sand easily. It is also very well insulated. It runs about $50 to $60.00 depending on where you purchase it. I have had mine for over 5 years and would not be caught with out it.

Umbrella for shade. You will find it much easier if you take two medium size umbrella than if you try to use one large one.

Towels for each person including one to lay on and one to dry or cover up with.

Bathing Suits don't forget your suits!

Eye protection is an essential beach party supply also.

Beach and water toys to keep the fun going.

Trash Bags to carry all your trash off the beach in.

If you have these ten essential beach party supplies you can have a great time celebrating with friends. Go with out these and you will not enjoy the day nearly as much.

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