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Breakdown cover is a service that provides assistance to motorists whose vehicles have suffered a mechanical failure that is significant enough to leave them stranded at their present location.

In most areas, the service is a provided by competing commercial service providers, with a set yearly fee to purchase the service. In some areas, there is a government-sponsored or -sanctioned monopoly, and the service may be in the form of an insurance policy with premiums, instead of a member subscription fee.

In Europe, it is popularly available via each country's national automobile membership association, but may also be made available as part of the service of a vehicle insurance company, or other companies whose primary business is to offer such assistance. Many autombile manufacturers offer roadside assistance for their customers, sometimes for free for some period after the purchase of a new vehicle. The term breakdown cover is most common in the United Kingdom; elsewhere, it may also be referred to as emergency roadside repair or roadside assistance. Such services originated with early national motoring organisations, such as the member clubs of the United States' American Automobile Association (AAA), the United Kingdom's Automobile Association (AA), Germany's Allgemeiner Deutscher Automobil-Club, and the Canadian Automobile Association (CAA). Many of these associations were founded as membership-based clubs for early enthusiast motorists; services to assist members were introduced sometime later, with the creation of a fleet of assistance vehicles. In the case of the UK AA, these were traditionally motorcycle-mounted prior to the introduction of vans.

When communication technology and availability made it practical, a network of emergency phone boxes, placed at intervals by the roadside, was introduced in some countries. In recent years, the widespread ownership of mobile phones has, to a large degree, supplanted the need for an emergency phone network. With many more vehicles on the road, breakdown cover is now offered by a greater number of companies, e.g the AA, RAC, Green Flag, GEM, Rescue My, and Autonational Rescue, particularly car insurers.

Roadside Assistance Benefits:
You just never know…life can be flowing along just as you want it when suddenly your car tire bursts and you find yourself stuck on the side of the road. Certainly not a long-term inconvenience, but one that is sure to throw off your day. The misfortune of such an unforeseen moment can be mitigated by roadside assistance. In fact, roadside assistance covers all sorts of vehicle-related disruptions.

Around the clock towing:
roadside assistanceThe primary concern is getting you and your vehicle to a safe place. On the side of the road, day or night, is not considered safe. A car could lose control and cause additional damage, unwelcome strangers could approach you, or you might be stuck in bad weather. Roadside assistance will have a trusted, reputable towing professional at your service in no time. The professional will come prepared with the needed equipment to get you and your vehicle out of the current location and to a safe location.

Vehicle jumpstart service:
Perhaps what you need is an emergency jumpstart in order to get back on the road. A jumpstart can be completed in a matter of minutes; however, it is not always easy to get someone’s needed assistance. After all, it takes two vehicles to jumpstart one vehicle. You may be able to get help from a friend or a friendly individual if your car is stranded at a grocery store parking lot. Though, if your car battery died in the middle of nowhere or amidst heavy surrounding traffic, it’s best to rely on professional roadside assistance.

Vehicle lockout service:
How about the rare time in which you leave your keys in an already locked car? Yes, roadside assistance can help you in that scenario as well. Rather than taking a crow bar to your window and having to pay for a new one, call your emergency roadside phone number. A representative will bring the proper tools to strategically and safely unlock your car. Certain instances may call for an actual locksmith. Some insurance companies will cover the additional service cost in full, or some will at least partially cover it.

Refueling assistance:
As many times as you allow that fuel dial to flirt with the "E" on your dashboard, you may at some point push the gauge too far and legitimately run out of gas. Even if you are near a gas station, it’s not safe to leave your vehicle; therefore, you’ll need someone to bring you fuel. Again, emergency roadside assistance will be at your service.

Roadside Assistance