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What is Scarves?
A scarf, plural scarves, is a piece of fabric worn around the neck or head for warmth, sun protection, cleanliness, fashion, or religious reasons. They can be made in a variety of different materials such as wool, linen or cotton. It is a common type of neckwear.

What is Stole?
The stole is a liturgical vestment of various Christian denominations. It consists of a band of colored cloth, formerly usually of silk, about seven and a half to nine feet long and three to four inches wide, whose ends may be straight or may broaden out.

Different types of Scarves:

  • Cotton scarves
  • Chiffon scarves
  • Net scarves
  • Silk Scarves
  • Cashmere scarves
  • Velvet scarves
  • Plaid scarf
  • Bandana scarf
  • Chequered fabric scarf
  • Hand knitted woolen scarf
  • Scarves with contrast borders
  • Crinkled crepe Scarves
  • Scarves with tassels
  • Animal Print Scarf
  • Fleece scarf

Different types of Stole:

Plain Stoles:
We offer plain stoles in both adult and child sizes. The plain adult stole is 60 inches long while the plain child stole measures 35 inches. This dynamic addition to the graduation gown will make you stand out and can be used to represent academic and extracurricular achievements. Our plain stoles also come in 15 different colors.

Similar to our plain stoles, we offer V-Stoles in both adult and child sizes in 15 beautiful colors. These stoles easily slip over the head, lie flat over your gown, and complement your overall scholarly appearance. The adult V-Stole is 32 inches, and the child size is 23 inches.

Stock Imprinted Stoles:
Are you looking for a stole that represents who you are during your graduation ceremony? We have several options in stock and ready to ship: Honor, Valedictorian, Salutatorian, Graduate, President, and Vice President. Typically these are ordered in adult sizes. However, we do offer our stock "Graduate” stole" in a child size. These items are available in gold only.

"Class of" Graduation Stoles:
Our stock "Class of" stoles are a great way to showcase the year that you completed a rite of passage. We offer these high-quality stoles with imprinted or embroidered text. They are measured at 60 inches (like our plain adult stoles) and come in both gold and white.

Child Sashes:
Our child sashes are an adorable addition to your little one’s “Moving Up” or graduation ceremony. These lightweight, seamless sashes are available with Head Start, Preschool, Pre-K and Kindergarten imprints. We offer them in red, white, and royal blue.

Kente Stoles:
Check out our newest addition! These beautiful, handwoven stoles may be the colorful touch you need to complete your academic regalia. These stoles are authentic from Ghana. Slightly longer than our standard stoles, the Kente stoles are 75 inches.

Custom Stoles:
When our stock stoles aren’t precisely what you’re looking for, why not create a stole unique to your school or organization? We can imprint or embroider almost any logo, lettering, or stamp on our stoles. You can work with one of our highly-trained salespeople to design the perfect look.

Custom Adult and Child Hoods (Shields): Do you want to make your graduates feel extra special? Try t
hese fully customizable hoods (also known as shields). They’re just like our adult Associates Shields, but smaller. With over 650 combinations, you can provide your students with a one-of-a-kind academic look. Choose any two colors for the lining and chevron. And best of all, there’s no minimum quantity.

Stole, Sash & Shield Color Options:
Ask any of our dedicated customer care representatives about our wide variety of graduation stole options today.

Scarves and Stoles