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The Grooming Lounge Shaving Product creates great products for men. Some of their product choices start at $21.00. These products will help to make your shaving experience so much more pleasant ecause it helps to prepare your beard or mustache for shaving. It actually softens you hair in preparation for shaving. It also helps to eliminate razor burn and rashes from appearing on your skin.

The Grooming Lounge Beard Master Shave Oil is a see through oil that is full of botanical that help to nourish your skin even before you shave! Men are really attracted to this product because it just simply works. Some women like it too, yes I am one of those types who will try both men's and women's products!

Another product that would be good for you to have in the mix is called the Grooming Lounge Pre-Shave Face Wash. What I like about this product is that it is gentle, but it also helps to soften up the hair before you use. So, it is really great for people who tend to have coarse hair. Not only does it soften up your hair, but as you wash your face it is lifting up dead and dry skin. All the grit and grime gets washed away before you shave! Isn't that great?

You should use this product on a daily basis because it really helps to uproot those annoying ingrown hairs. To use just wet your face and your hands with warm water and squeeze about a quarter size worth of this wash. You really don't need more than that, it lathers up pretty well. Apply to your entire face and neck and then rinse. For the very best results use this product everyday and every night.

The product that I want to recommend is the Grooming Lounge Happy Ending Aftershave Balm. This balm is really supposed to give you a happing ending when you are done shaving. This balm was designed to help calm, relax and refresh the most sensitive skin. So, if sensitive skin is your problem take comfort that this will help ease the pain and aggravation of shaving.

This is a thick and creamy solution that was made to reduce and eliminate the after pain and agitation of razor irritation.

Benefits of Grooming:
1. Better Hygiene:
A person who is well groomed tends to be quite hygienic. Grooming and good hygienic practices go hand in hand.

2. Increase in Health:
Because of experiencing good hygiene you would naturally become healthier. It will be more difficult for you to pick up infections.

3. Increased Confidence:
The day of the exam I would devote at least half an hour after showering to grooming myself. No matter what exam it might have been, or if I had enough time to revise or not, I would make sure I took the time to look good. This quirky ritual helped me. I felt so confident in the exam room. I was calm and felt I could handle anything thrown at me.

4. Higher Self- Esteem:
Self-esteem refers to how much self-love, or how positively you regard yourself. Grooming definitely helps increase your self-esteem. At the end of the day when I got home from work, I would place cucumbers under my eyes and rest them for 10 minutes. My family would laugh at me. But because of caring for myself by doing these little things – consistently – I ended up loving myself even more.

5. Great first impression:
When you take time to make sure you are neat and tidy people will notice. This helps make a great first impression especially in the work environment, were everything counts towards getting that interview or promotion. You also never know when a good networking opportunity might occur. Being well groomed ensures you are ready for any prospective clients, partners, or other stakeholders you might meet around the corner.

Shaving and Grooming