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Brandeis University's Master of Arts in Global Studies offers advanced study of the processes of globalization, including relevant, globally-shared issues such as health care, the environment, human rights, and communications.

The interconnectedness of today's world demands that students are well-educated in worldwide issues and possess both an understanding of global relationships and a desire to be involved in global solutions-enabling them to be better suited for jobs in the international market place.

Program Highlights:

A dynamic, interdisciplinary one-year program that provides a broad perspective on global institutions, critical issues, and the complex ways that globalization affects specific regions and countries.

Receive intensive training in research, analysis, and writing, as well as a solid foundation in the theories and issues of globalization, increased cultural awareness, and augmented awareness of global agents (whereas an international relations program would study exchanges between nations, multi-/bilateral agreements, and diplomacy).

Develop skills and expertise that are valuable in the public or private sectors in a broad range of professions deeply impacted by globalization, such as non-profits, NGOs (non-government organizations), and international service agencies.

Valuable for students who seek a solid basis and strong credentials for advanced training in a relevant social science or humanities field, such as anthropology, history, politics, and sociology.

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