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Wedding stage decoration holds an immense importance as it is the most sacred place where the bride and groom exchange their wedding vows. It is also popularly known as Mandap in Indian marriage ceremonies. In early days, mandap decoration was done based on traditional beliefs and rituals. However, in today’s age, it is decorated in different ways according to individual preferences.

15 Wedding Decoration Items:
1. Lotuses made from fabric
These lotuses will make your decor look stunning and beautiful at the same time. The finest hand-picked fabric matches with the brilliance of the contrast and colour will leave you amazed and startled. Want to make your venue look elegant? Nothing is more precious than the fabric that is as soft as the bride on her wedding day!

2. Chinese lantern made of fabric
Lanterns bring their surroundings to life, giving them a peaceful and prosperous look along with the colours that make your heart dance. These wedding decoration items add to the celebrating aura of the occasion of making your wedding day a memorable one. The vibrant colours are add-ons to the other beautiful wedding decorations.

3. Rajasthani puppet - Matka - Dholak
The puppets of Rajasthan are one of the popular sources of entertainment and cheerfulness in wedding decoration items. This showcases the rich heritage of the city in a room, artistry through the strings and a dramatic look to the venue to make it look more lavish and prolific.

4. Floral scenery cum photobooth
The beautiful floral photo booth can leave your guests stunned at the scenery. They will run towards this part to create some long-lasting memories at your wedding/event. Make sure you take pictures with your brigade in front of your flower backdrop. So cute...right?

5. Cute nooks:
Comfortable seating and pretty banquets are one thing but the cute nooks can do the job of making your wedding decoration look minimalistic and beautiful. The candles and the flowers do the trick. The bride and groom will hide into their own world with the first letter of their names shining out through just perfectly.

6. Chalkboard announcement:
Chalkboard announcements have now become a trend amongst the other wedding decoration items that couples get attracted to. A beautiful way to let people know the story of how you two met and got along after that makes a lovely impact on the guests. Cute and personalised, this will make your guests love the innovative ideas you bring to your wedding/event.

7. Merry-go-round bar:
Isn't it super-fun to see the kids twirling around on a merry-go-round, chirping over it happily? Make your guests pretty impressed with the addition of a merry-go-round bar at your event and see the fun unravelling!

8. In-house brewery:
Make your event look bold and authentic with all the brewery an in-house bar can hold. With the highest quality of brews and an amazing flavor added to it, the boundaries of fun and taste will lift up the life of the event at new levels.

9. Fancy a poker game?
A personal touch that will make your wedding fun and memorable, a poker table perfectly fits in! Along with the other wedding decoration items on your list that catch your guest’s attention, a game of poker will sway them away. What a fun way to keep them engaged in a game of cards!

10. Catch all the dreamcatchers
Dreamcatchers can serve as a beautiful wedding decoration item that can change the entire look of your venue to something dreamy. Allowing the good dreams to pass through the soft feathers, it adds endless colours and statement to the entire decoration that will leave you and your friends stunned at the occasion.

11. Miniature cycles carrying bouquets
Give the decoration items at your wedding a vintage, one-of-a-kind look through the miniature cycles carrying bouquets. Serving as an excellent decor for any occasion, it gives your decor a detailed look of beauty and elegance altogether.

12. Tangled Tassles
These tangles tassels give the decor an amazing, cool and a fancy look, all at once. The flowing threads of the tassels will amuse your family and friends at your wedding in the most rich way plausible. The colours bring life and enlighten the place with a high-class decoration.

13. Filmy cushions
Are your friends filmy enough to start a dramatic pillow fight with all the characters over them? Are you filmy enough to convert your entire seating area into not less than a filmy caravan, then this is for you! Make your event an absolute fun by travelling into the world of movies with your loved ones at the event.

14. Winter wedding bliss
If you're having a winter wedding, cater to the favourite pastime of the season - peanuts. Placing them around the venue in a similar fashion as in the image above will attract your guests to these spots. And we can guarantee you that these spots are bound to get crowded. Your wedding guests will surely remember this thoughtful gesture.

15. Pom pom fun
As summer is fast approaching, go for a playful approach in wedding decoration items. Pom poms are sure that one thing that incites fun and excitement, not just in kids but also the grown-ups when placed in such a smart and creative manner.

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